Tattoo Packs

A wide choice of temporary tattoo packs.

Peace and love, fantasy garden, butterlies and flower tattoos for the romantics,
Many many tribal tattoos with symbols, animals and skulls or evene celtic drawings,
Tattoo Mania packs from Savvi with dragons and other fantastic creatures,
Sugar tattoos : sparkling and colourful designs like cute animals or simple drawings like musical notes or eiffel towers,
- Heros tattoos like The Star Wars saga, the Hobbit, the angry birds, and the Simpsons,
- Holiday and events tattoos : Halloween with horror pictures or christmas and new year,
- The bikers will fancy the Wild Fire choppers and Harley Davidson collection,
- For the sexy girls, naughty or not : the sexy skin and body art packs or even the body jewels to sparkle on their skin,
- Skulls and bones are just the most popular of all,
- Glow in the dark for crazy niguts out with your friends,
- Henna tattoos, gold, copper or even white,
- Pirates temporary tattoo for children and adults,
- Football fans are not forgotten with Chelsea and Manchester team tattoos,
- We also offer variety packs for the ones who have problems chosing !
The tattoo packs are perfect for group events (birthday, school party, new year's eve...) because they include quite a lot of different tattoos for different tastes : colors, size, theme... Some people fancy wearing a big tribal symbol in their back whilst others would rather wear a small message inside their arm.