Pack of red tribal temporary tattoos 11cm

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Pocket containing several plates of tattoos decalcomanies "Red Twisted Tribal tattoos" totaling more than 50 tribal tattoos of animals, symbols, lower back ... Tattoos in the tribal style all in color.

1 pouch of 50 temporary tattoos Savvi made in the United States.

Pack of temporary tattoos

This pouch is composed of several boards totaling more than 50 tattoos to cut out of all sizes and all colors.

Tattoos for everyone

The ingredients used are FD&C approved and the inks are natural. There is no risk of allergy or intolerance.

Made in the USA.

Tribal Tattoos

The designs offered are black or colored tribal symbols, stylized animals like lions, tigers, lizards or snakes, and lower backs.

Tribal tattoos remain one of the most popular choices for both women and men.

Although we define some body designs as "tribal", sometimes they don't belong to any established tribal culture. Instead, they are probably inspired by traditional tattoos or designs from those cultures.

Most of them have characteristics such as repetitive design elements (patterns), thick lines, use of black ink and mythical or spiritual symbolism.

Tips for applying a decalco

Decal tattoos are applied to clean, non-oily skin with a damp sponge that is pressed onto the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic wrap.

To remove them, use a gone tattoo wipe.

Temporary tattoos for parties

The Red Tribal tattoos temporary tattoos pouch is perfectly adapted for your parties, birthdays or evenings because it contains tattoos of all kinds, sizes, colors, patterns and will please most people. Everyone will be able to choose their design and put it where they want !