Pack of red tribal temporary tattoos 11cm

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Cover with several tattoos boards Decalcomanies "Red Twisted Tribal Tattoos" totaling more than 50 tribal tattoos of animals, symbols, from Lower Back ... Tattoos in the tribal style all color.

1 pocket of 50 Temporary Tattoos Savvi manufactured in the United States.


Temporary tattoos pouch

This pouch consists of several boards totaling more than 50 tattoos to cut all sizes and colors.

Tattoos for all

The ingredients used are approved by the FD & C and the inks are natural. There is no risk of allergy or intolerance.

Made in the United States.

Tribal tattoos

The proposed patterns are black or color tribal symbols, stylized animals such as lion, tiger, lizard or snake, and Lower Back.

Tribal Tattoos remain one of the most popular choices in women and men.

Even if we define certain body designs like "tribal", sometimes they belong to any established tribal culture. They are probably inspired by traditional Tattoos or reasons for these crops.

Most of them have characteristics such as repetitive design elements (patterns), thick lines, the use of black ink and a mythical or spiritual symbolism.

Tips for applying a decalco

Decalcomania tattoos apply on clean and non-oily skin using a wet sponge that is pressed on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

To remove them, use aTattoo Gone wipe.

Temporary tattoos for the Kermesse

The RED Tribal Tattoos Temporary Tattoos pouch is perfectly adapted for your holidays, birthdays or evenings because it contains tattoos of all kinds, sizes, colors, patterns and plead to the greatest number. Everyone can choose his drawing and ask it to the place he wants!