Flowers and trees temporary tattoos

Golden arabesques and ancient roses for romantic people, skulls and flowered anchors for the gotics and cherry blossom for the old school and vintage fans... Come and discover the temporary floral tattoos.

 Flowers are one of the most classic symbols of tattooing and are found in many patterns. Choose multicoloured flowers, cherry blossoms, roses or hibiscus to wear for a truly charming effect. These same flowers are sometimes associated with opposing symbols such as the spider web, skull or dagger for a desired and sought-after contrast. They can be tribal, old school, vintage or golden.

Accompanied by arabesques, they are found in almost all underboob tattoos, these tattoos that are worn under the chest, but also along the lower back patterns in the lower back or belly button around the navel. A classic rose, an exotic frangipani flower or a lotus flower that comes to us from Asia, the choice is difficult !

We also offer you trees of all sizes and shapes : composed of stars, letters or galaxy images, they will seduce you in all seasons. Ferns, maple leaf and feathers are also part of the floral collection. The theme of nature would not be complete without fruits like cherry or pineapple and peace and love patterns.

Floral tattoos are often characterized by arabesques and slender stems and therefore it is mainly women who wear them. Men will tattoo flowers and plants around a skull or a gun.

Colors, black and white and gold or sparkling, it’s up to you to choose as well as the size : a very large bouquet of pink flowers that will cover your entire arm or a small rose on the ankle ? Whatever happens, it will be beautiful !