Lettering temporary tattoos

Spread the word with these temporary tattoos : lettering, messages, quotes, funny, sarcastic or romantic.
If there is a tattoo that one realizes to show it is the tattoo message! The idea is to send a message, to express one’s opinions, and there is no place more personal than one’s skin to do so.
Often people like to print a text that expresses their way of seeing the world as with a planisphere or their perception of life and their desire to lead it like this or like that for example with a text like Carpe Diem, or Life is a Beach.
Sometimes it’s a love phrase for a particular person : you can wear it in a humorous way "Love you to the moon and back" or more romantic with a Belove or Ti amo per sempre. Then we can wear this tattoo a little more discreetly on the wrist, hip or ankle. The cat lovers will declare their love to their cat!
Some lettering are there to remind us of our trials, adventures, weaknesses and strengths "no failures only lessons" or "my story isn’t over". The "fight like a girl" and "real men wear pink" are perfect to support the fight against cancer.
Finally we can display a message related to an event like the "baby inside" to tattoo on the belly of a pregnant woman (safe of course!).
In lettering tattoos, the thought is obviously very important but not only : calligraphy, the beauty of writing, are also taken into account. So you will find ambigram tattoos, funny fonts of writings, romantic... and more or less big motifs that accompany them. And some symbols pass words like planisphere, bio hazard, pulsations or the third eye.