Sports and flags temporary tattoos

Support your favorite team with their flag tattoos and emblems from different sports : handball, football, rugby, surfing...

We offer flags from almost all the countries involved in major competitions on the 5 continents. You can wear them for all collective sports events such as football, handball, rugby but also for Olympic games events such as judo, swimming or athletics. In all cases, a flag worn on the cheek, neck or shoulder will not go unnoticed. The French flag, of course, is there, but it is alongside many other nations such as Brazil, Morocco, England and Mexico. You don’t have to wait for the World Cup, the 6 Nations tournament or the French championship to wear them, even small local teams need your support !

And if despite our efforts, your flag is not there, it will always be time to order a personalized tattoo.

You will also find in this section specific football tattoos with player and goal silhouettes, patriotic messages, a rooster, symbol of France and round balls.

Rugby is not left out with the oval balloons, the rugbymen in melee or in the process of making the haka.

And finally you can announce your love of handball with the tattoos I love Handball or the flaming ball.

American football, surf and baseball complete the collection.

Wearing a fan decalco that you can take away is really an easy and encouraging gesture for the players you like so do not hesitate to let them know that you believe in them!

These tattoos from different countries may be suitable at times other than sports as an event, an international meeting, an event.