American football temporary tattoo 6cm

American football temporary tattoo 6cm

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Wear the colors of American soccer and show your love of team sports with this temporary tattoo! The writing of this tattoo evokes American soccer teams and their jerseys, cheerleaders and teddy jackets. We are directly projected in the United States.

1 temporary tattoo lettering American university NH.

American soccer tattoo

What we call American soccer to distinguish it from our soccer, the Canadians and Americans just call it soccer.

In any case this national sport is a real institution in the United States and fans vibrate in unison with their teams.

Soccer team writing

This writing is mythical and carries all the colors of this unusual sport. It is found on the jerseys of the teams of course but also on the jackets of the students because they are often university teams. The blue and red colors of the tattoo are in accordance with those found in the United States.

Size of the tattoo: 6 cm x 5 cm

Tips for applying and removing your tattoo

Tattoos made with vegetable inks and non-toxic.

Apply on the skin with a little water during 30 seconds by pressing firmly.

Then use the wipe to remove your tattoo

Simple, fast and without rubbing. It's a revolutionary wipe to remove your decalco (or what's left of it if you left it for a long time) without effort and without trace.

How to remove your temporary tattoo

Unfold the wipe and put it on the tattoo to remove. Leave it on for 30 seconds then massage with the wipe and there is nothing left. Of a disconcerting simplicity this wipe can allow you to carry tattoos just one moment then to remove them easily and without rubbing. They are also very suitable for children and are hypoallergenic.