Summer temporary tattoos

Summer is THE season to wear temporary tattoos ! Choose from these butterflies, flowers, Maori and Polynesian motifs to be the most beautiful in town or on the beach. You can wear temporary tattoos all year round but the summer season is really ideal : the skin surface you show is more important and you are often in a swimming suit ! In the evening we go out with our friends, it’s the holidays and we enjoy ! We wear colorful patterns like Polynesian flowers, Hawaiian surfboards, fruits and multicoloured butterflies. The designs are summer and marine like the waves and the beach, the Maori animals (turtle, shark and salamander), the lighthouse, the anchors and compasses, the sailboats and other caravels and even the glistening seahorses. Take one or more pouches with you on holiday to get tattoos all summer long and share with your loved ones : fantasy garden, butterflies, and glittering tattoo pouches accompanied by small body jewels, gold, silver or coloured diamonds. Choose from our range of "underboobs", these tattoos that are worn just under the chest : the effect is superb in swimsuit. Or opt for lower back tattoos or large tattoos to apply along the spine. In addition some are metallic colored, shimmering in the sun and on wet skin. Finally, we offer you golden tattoos for the whole summer whether it is for the day on the beach or in the evening: lower back, bracelets, butterflies in flight... you will have too much choice. And for well tanned skins, the white Henna are really beautiful reproducing white and refined lace on the body. All our tattoos support water, swimming and the sun.