Tattoo Floral Skull Tattoo 6 cm

Tattoo Floral Skull Tattoo 6 cm

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Superb original and colorful pattern of a floral death head. Pattern both religious, baroque and morbid, full of detail and precision.

The skull is surrounded by colorful flowers and it is tattooed with magnificent patterns.

1 Temporary Tattoo Skull Decorated 6 * 6 cm.


Tips for laying a tattoo

Tattoo DecalComanial to apply with a wet cloth with strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Temporary tattoo

Dimension of the pattern: 6 x 6 cm on the skin.

Exclusive tattoo

Tattoos head of death

The death head refers to human vanity, the ephemeral side of existence as well as fatality. But she is also a talisman against death! This is one of the most represented Old School motifs. The morbid side makes it a very appreciated tattoo pattern for its marginal and provocative side.


Mexican skull

The "Calaveras" are a good example that the dead heads are far from morbid. In Mexico, these colorful skulls represent the feast of the dead, during which one goes to the cemetery for lunch on the graves of their dead. Laughing the topics that we fear is the best way to exorcise fear and live day by day.