Tatouages temporaires étoiles de mer

6 starfish board of temporary tattoos 15cm

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Large decal tattoo sheet representing 6 colorful starfish. All the little details are present which makes them more real than life. This is a very classic design that can be worn at any age. We also have a tattoo of a red starfish.

1 tattoo sheet starfish 15 * 15 cm.

Starfish tattoo

The starfish is much stronger than it looks. Just like the lizard, if it feels threatened, it can sacrifice one of its limbs for its survival. It is no surprise then that it is considered a symbol of regeneration and renewal.

It also represents positive change and salvation in difficult times, in short it is a sympathetic creature with which we like to identify.

Marine tattoos

They exist since the dawn of time and are the ancestors of our tattoos today. We find compasses, nautical stars, pirate symbols, mermaids... and of course anchors. They are among the most popular tattoos today.

Best technique to apply and remove a temporary tattoo

Cut your design as close as possible, remove the plastic wrap, place the design against your skin and soak the paper thoroughly for 30 seconds. Slide the paper and your design will appear on your skin.

To remove it, wipe the Tattoo Gone wipe over the tattoo several times without rubbing and the design will disappear without a trace.