Full arm temporary tattoos

Enjoy the very large tattoos in temporary version.
We propose you Sleeve tattoos of about 20 cm long which will cover all your forearm and all the top of your arm below the shoulder.
Many designs are available:
Tribal symbols in black and white, some with Maori motifs like the turtle,
Wild animals like the ferocious monochrome or coloured tiger, the wolf howling at death or the eagles alighting,
Dragons of all colours and Asian warriors,
Portraits of women like the Japanese woman behind her fan or the pin-ups,
Chinese, Indian, Hindu Buddhas, standing or sitting and full-length or only head-on,
Funny animals such as the pink flamingo in a navy outfit or the hipster lion that you can choose in black or in colours,
Floral and plant motifs: cherry tree branches, vintage coloured flowers, roses...
Old school designs such as marine motifs,
and finally the skulls and skeletons which are a huge success : grinning skulls, free, chained or with more or less morbid messages !
For the most daring we have the Full arm tattoos of more than 40 cm long which cover the whole arm :
roses and skulls, large bouquets of flowers, koi carp and other oriental motifs like dragons.
In short, you will be spoilt for choice.
This gives a very realistic result and many will believe in a real tattoo.
Of course you can put them anywhere on your body.