Full arm chinese dragon temporary tattoo 42cm

Full arm chinese dragon temporary tattoo 42cm

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A huge and beautiful tattoo to wear as a trophy. The dragon, a fantastic chimeric animal has always had a very strong symbolism in many countries and cultures. The dragon tattoo is one of the most widespread in the tattoo community, especially the tribal dragon tattoo, a mixture of two major styles.

Dragon tattoo

Polymorphic, this legendary creature has attributes of different animals, just like the chimera. The dragon's purpose is often to watch over its treasure. Its eyes remain eternally alert, it does not know sleep and is symbolically attached to the present moment. The dragon sees everything and hypnotizes humans to the depths of their souls (The word Drakon comes from the Greek Derkomai which means "to stare"). Christianity quickly equated the dragon with demonic forces. In the Middle Ages, the knight's ultimate goal is to defeat the fire-breathing dragon, thanks to their courage and pure heart, which is the only way to get to the treasure or to rescue a princess. It is a symbol of virility.

Chinese dragon tattoo

In the civilizations of northern Europe it symbolizes valour, courage and power. The Vikings decorated the prow of their ships with representations of dragons. Master of the air, master of fire, the dragon symbolizes strength and power.

Apply a temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Dimension of the motif: 15 x 42 cm.

Very big tattoo