Animals temporary tattoos

Whether you prefer to wear a huge eagle on your back, a ferocious tiger on your arm or a fragile vintage swallows on your ankle or wrist, here you will find the animal that suits you.

Animal tattoos have always seduced for their strong symbolism and sentimental attachment to them. Some will want to put forward their love for cats, others will want to freely express their wild nature !

Wear large or very large tattoos of ferocious tigers, koi carp or even funny flamingos or hipster giraffes. Or opt for small pandas or ribbons of gecko that will climb along your leg.

Choose a real animal like the tiger, a scary insect like the spider or a mythical creature like the dragon or the werewolf. And finally you will find here as well colorful patterns of butterflies or dragonfly as stylized monochrome drawings of elephants or crab. Let the sea creatures dance on your skin : seahorse, fish, jellyfish and octopus have a magical look and the dolphin is in full swing. The birds will be able to take flight on your collarbone and the toucan will land on your shoulder.

An animal tattoo is filled with symbolism and is not chosen at random. You will not convey the same message if you wear a llama with sunglasses, a fragile butterfly or a wolf howling at the moon. Take the time to discover our different patterns, their meaning and be proud to wear an animal that suits you and speaks to you. Think about the culture to which it belongs (Indian for ganesh, Chinese for dragon, Maori for turtle) and if you prefer color, sparkle, character, humor... or try several !