Tatouage temporaire abeille très réaliste 8 * 8 cm

Realistic bee temporary tattoo 8cm

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What could be more natural than tattooing a bee? It is the most popular insect even if approaching a hive is always impressive. Bees are an integral part of humanity and ensure its survival. The bee tattoos are rather recent.

1 very realistic bee tattoo 8 * 8 cm.

Bee tattoo

These small buzzing insects have long been symbols of prosperity that were even found on royal emblems.

We appreciate bees because they pollinate our gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens but also because they produce honey.

We also know that bees are very intelligent and that their social system is extraordinarily supportive and altruistic. What counts is not the individual interest but the survival of the community.

Moreover, given the crucial role that bees play in the environment and agriculture, they have become symbols of environmental preservation and can be worn for this reason.

They also symbolize hard work and cooperation. And, since the bee protects its hive at the risk of its life, it also represents loyalty and courage.

A final plus for the bee tattoo is that it is pretty: perfect symmetry, warm colors and nice stripes.