Sexy and jewels temporary tattoos

In this department, you will find tattoos to wear like jewelry.

Gold, silver and metallic tattoos will shine on your skin. They are shaped like stars, arrows or even bracelets and will be perfect for your long summer evenings. We also offer butterflies in gold, flowers, feathers and angels.

Metallic tattoos are available in colors, they are prismfoil tattoos. The plates contain many patterns and the individual tattoos represent animals such as the elephant or tiger or lotus flowers and moons.

The lower back to wear in the lower back are very sensual. They will be the most beautiful effect with your swimsuit this summer. Fall for a golden rose, a tribal motif or roses and sunglasses. If you can’t choose, opt for the pouch that contains 10 ! Also wear the large gold or pink sparkling arrows along your spine.

The "underboob" tattoos are worn below the chest : monochrome, colored, golden or sparkling, the choice is vast. Some are big and will not go unnoticed with your bikini and others are more discreet. The motifs are often very feminine with lotus flowers, roses, arabesques and shimmering colors.

We also present you body jewelry pouches : colorful and monochrome sparkling tattoos in a pouch with silver, white or colored small diamonds. Everything to make beautiful creations on your skin.

Henna-style tattoos are also very popular : brown, bronze and oriental patterns to decorate hands and feet as in the Middle East. For the hands, come also discover our cuticle tattoos and for the face our decalcos "freckles"!

Even if this section pleases women more, men are not left behind : they can opt for super sexy pin-ups in a jersey, sailor’s suit or in a glass of martini and red kisses to pose everywhere for a playboy effect !