Jewels big temporary tattoo board 21cm

Jewels big temporary tattoo board 21cm

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Large tattoo board with 6 temporary tattoos in black and blue: bracelets, necklaces, pendants ... wear the complete set or vary the pleasures!

Tattoos to wear as jewelry or as a simple tattoo.

1 sheet of ephemeral tattoos 21 * 15 cm.

Temporary tattoos jewelry

Size of the board: 21 * 15 cm.

6 black temporary tattoos with some touches of color. Rosaries and pendants can be worn on the arm or ankle. They are refined and stand out in volume thanks to the drawn shadow.

They are truly skin jewelry to be worn at a party or during the vacations. You won't forget them or lose them, they are a part of you!

They are easy to wear and with this great board you will also be able to share. Treat yourself and adorn yourself with jewelry!

Religious tattoos

Tattoos with a religious symbol like the cross are particularly popular and do not necessarily have a theological meaning. Opinions differ on the subject: is wearing a religious tattoo a pious act or on the contrary a sacrilege or blasphemy? It will be up to you to determine the symbolic significance of your choice.

These decalcos can suit a classic style as well as a more rock or even gothic look.

Putting on and taking off your tattoo

Tattoos made in the USA with vegetable ink and non-toxic.

Apply on the skin with a little water during 30 seconds by pressing firmly and remove with a wipe Tattoo Gone.