Tatouage temporaire pin up marine

Fifties marine pin up temporary tattoo 8cm

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This great pin up from the 50's is made to be tattooed on the forearm or on the shoulder blade. She reminds us of the post-war years and she is devilishly sexy with her mini sailor outfit!

1 temporary tattoo pin up marine 8 * 8cm.

Ideal for an evening, for an event or for a few days, the temporary tattoo is easy to apply and to remove and allows you to have fun without too much involvement.

Tips for applying your tattoo

Tattoos made with vegetable inks and non-toxic.

Apply on the skin with a little water during 30 seconds by pressing firmly and remove with oil for baby or a wipe Tattoo Gone.

Pin up tattoos

We offer several models of decalco pin up: with a rose, in a navy outfit or retro swimsuit and even one in a martini glass.

The pin up tattoos are often associated with cherry or Route 66 decalcos to evoke the America of the clichés, the post-war years during which we wanted to enjoy life and its pleasures.

Vintage pin up temporary tattoos

Often hung on walls, it has flourished on the skin of tattooed people, and for men the pin-up represents a certain vision of woman and charm. Having a pin-up tattoo on your body can be a way to pay tribute to these beautiful creatures!

Why a pin-up tattoo ? Because pretty girls and tattoos never go out of style. A pin-up is a woman whose physical attractiveness would incite to place a picture of her on a wall. Today it is through a tattoo that this tradition continues so we do not deprive ourselves of it!