Tattoo dick me ... if you can! Vampire Trash Tattoo 10 cm

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A rather sexy vampire mouth opens on two beautiful incisors ready to bite. Dick me, bit me. This tattoo looks more like a sensual demand than a death threat! To wear in any season and especially at the time of Halloween.

1 Tattoo Vampire Trash 10 * 7 cm


Temporary Tattoos Vampire Trash

Tattoo Decal of the Vampire Trash Tattoos series that includes several different tattoos.

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Temporary mouth tattoo

Tattoo size: 7 cm x 10 cm.

The pattern is that of an open mouth ready to bite; The incisors are full of blood and registration "dick me" does not leave room for doubt: it is the dentition of a vampire.

The board is completed by 2 drops of blood and 2 lettering "dick me" in a heart and in a blood task. A sensula tattoo between love and thirst for sange and revenge.

We offer you on the site of other tattoos of mouths like the sensual lips of pin up ... so you choose your rather wise or rather trash style!

Vampire tattoos

The vampires crossed the ages and their representation too.The vampires attract as much as they intrigue by the legends that circulate on their account. We offer all the clichés around the vampires: vampire woman, wolf garou, dracula, bald mouse ... you will love!