Old school and marine temporary tattoos

Some patterns characterize the old school tattoos like the swallow, the anchor, the skull or the dagger.

The Old School tattoo originated in the United States. It appeared between 1903 and 1960 and is inspired by local cultures such as Amerindians, sailors or the biker movement. It is mainly characterized by large black outlines and bright primary colors, which gives an impression of simplicity.

Despite various influences, it is mainly the sailors who popularized this type of drawing. For them, it was a way of remembering their surroundings when they were at sea. They wanted to remember their loved one or important memories. That’s why the Old School tattoo is of symbolic importance. This also explains why we find the most classic marine tattoo patterns such as swallows, sea anchor, lighthouse or 5-pointed star. All these drawings can be declined in many forms.

The old school pattern also includes all the pin ups, whether they are in a swimsuit, a sailor costume, devilishly sexy or a little old, and their accessories like the cherry that is worn along the ankle at the place where the line of the stockings started. The Pin-up is very widespread since this symbol was born with the world of the navy. In fact, since at that time women could not board boats on sea voyages, the sailors used to have a woman tattooed on their arms. It sounded like a female presence.

You can also choose the 8 ball billiard ball that symbolizes luck. In billiards, this ball is theoretically the last to be eliminated from the game. In the old school style, this symbol is that of luck, life or death.