Vintage scuba temporary tattoo 9cm

Vintage scuba temporary tattoo 9cm

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For centuries, marine tattoos have fascinated men and women. They are strong and powerful symbols that have crossed the centuries and carry many mysteries. This retro diving suit is one of the old school designsparticularly graphic and design.

Temporary tattoo vintage diving suit 9 * 6.4 cm.

Scuba tattoo

When the anchor is one of the most representative elements of the marine environment, you will stand out with this diving suit tattoo. The symbolism of this tattoo is very close to it: the security at the bottom of the sea, a protection but it also evokes adventure, danger, discoveries.

It also reminds us of the period of Jules Verne's novel 20,000 leagues under the sea. We inevitably think of these men who left to discover the seabed in this outfit from another time.

Marine tattoos

If sailors had only one tattoo, it would be the anchor! It's usually with the swallow, one of the first motives chosen.

Lighthouses and swallows, sailing ships, the anchor and the compass rose are all very meaningful tattoos and their meaning is very deep.

Each nautical symbol represents a particular aspect of the sea journey and the paths that each person takes throughout their life.

Exclusive tattoo

Old school tattoo

The old school tattoo is a tattoo style with a strong history. It is a traditional style mainly of American influence with very classical and codified patterns, each pattern having a very precise meaning. Precursor of the modern western tattoo, it is the old school tattoo which is the pillar.

Tattoo instructions

Tattoo decalcomania to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or a wipe tattoo gone.

A pattern that is really worn everywhere on the body.