Grand tattoo marin représentant un navire, des hirondelles et des roses

Large marine honor temporary tattoo 21cm

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Large exclusive tattoo with all the most classic symbols of the sailors : a magnificent boat around which gravitate the famous swallows (fetish animal of sailors), the symbol "Honor" as well as the red roses representing love.

To wear on your arm as a real sailor !

Old School Tattoo

Amongst the bird tattoos, the most common is certainly the hirondelle Old School tattoo pattern. It is indeed a former motive related to sailors and sea trips.

Here it is a caravel pattern, the sun shines, the sea is calm and the swallows fly above the bow of the boat. A "Honor" banderolle and red roses complete the painting. All Old School symbols are present on this tattoo.

Swallow tattoo

This bird, capable of flying over long distances, was an annunciating sign of land for sailors, in other words back to the fold. As a result, swallows are also a symbol of luck and good news.

Marine tattoos

It is said that the sailors were tattooed a swallow once they had traveled 5000 nautical miles and then a second to the 10,000 marine miles. It is the reason generally leading to tattoo two swallows, often symmetrical, to symbolize the fact of having surmounted many trials, thus recovering the symbolism of the sailor who faced the sea with the hope of returning healthy and except finding his Woman, as the swallow returns each year of his migration. The swallow represents one side loyalty, loyalty to his family.

This symbol is that of love !

Apply temporary tattoo

Apply with a wet cloth with strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Dimension of the pattern: 21.5 x 10 cm.

Very easy to wear along the arm for example.