Small temporary tattoo pack vintage tattooz

Small temporary tattoo pack vintage tattooz

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Small pouch with 6 tattoos decals for teens : vintage designs (eagle, heart, flowery dagger)...

Ideal tattoo size for young people and really trendy designs for a very small price!

2 boards 10 * 15 cm.

Old school tattoos

The old school tattoo, or traditional tattoo, has its origin in America from the 1930s to the 1960s. Inspired by the cultures of the American Indians, the sailors of the Navy and the bikers, they are characterized by big black outlines, flat primary colors with few shades and rather dark and simple shading.

The symbols were classic like the swallow, the eagle, the dagger, the rose and the pin up. You will find all these symbols on these plates.

Cheap tattoo pouch

We propose you these small pockets which contain about ten tattoos at a very small price : 1,49€ !

Enough to offer a lot and to everyone!