Watercolor camera temporary tattoo 10cm

Watercolor camera temporary tattoo 10cm

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Big exclusive decal tattoo absolutely vintage : a camera as it exists only in museums ! But it doesn't look dusty, no. It's in fresh, modern colors with floral motifs and looks like it belongs to a romantic at heart.

1 temporary tattoo camera 10 * 5 cm.

Tattoo camera

Cameras, whether vintage or digital, are examples of inventions for which we should be grateful because they are the only means, apart from our brains, able to immortalize our most precious memories.

There is nothing more irreplaceable for a photographer, whether amateur or professional, than his camera. However, those who are not dedicated to this passion also love cameras, and rightly so, because they allow us to immortalize certain moments forever.

Getting a tattoo of a camera or elements related to this camera will always be a symbolic memory.

Temporary tattoo

A very nice and offbeat design for the summer in the country.

Watercolor tattoos

The drawing is very realistic. It seems to be painted on the spot.

You will appreciate the simplicity of the colors, the patterns and the femininity that emerges from this image. If you are a romantic this tattoo is for you!

The colors are shimmering and the details very refined.

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Dimension of the pattern: 5 x 10 cm.