5 Pink musical treble clef temporary tattoos 5cm

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This temporary decal tattoo depicts a simple treble clef but it's pink AND it's glittery! It's a metallic tattoo that will shine with 1000 lights in the sun or under the spotlight. For all music fans.

1 glitter pink treble clef temporary tattoo 5 * 3 cm.

Apply a temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or a wipe tattoo gone.

Tattoo treble clef

Tattoo decalco size 5 * 3 cm

Exclusive tattoo.

Crack for this simple but explicit treble clef: we love music whether rock or classical or folk.

In addition it is metalized in the pink - purple tones and will change reflections according to the light.

Music tattoos

The most obvious meaning of treble clef tattoos is of course music.

When drawn alone, this powerful musical symbol screams: this person loves music, has rhythm in their soul and is a lover of the arts.

On the surface, treble clef tattoos represent all things musical.

But you'll see that this creative design also represents a person full of hope, passion and energy.

Most people in the world appreciate good music, but those who get tattoos aren't afraid to go the extra mile and show the connection between music and their soul. Appreciated by both men and women, treble clefs are a way for all who wear them to show their connection and relationship with music.

Where to get a treble clef tattoo ?

This is a design that can be placed just about anywhere on the body and have maximum impact. Whether it is large and located on the shoulder, very small on the ankle or medium on the wrists, neck or forearms, the treble clef always retains its powerful rendering.