Tattoo application

Technical and tips for a good application of a decal tattoo

The Tattoos remain visible from 2 to 7 days. It depends on the Tattoos series. It also depends on the place of the body where you apply it (some places are subject to more friction by clothing for example) and the acidity of your skin. Some skins are more aggressive than others.

For a good performance, it is advisable to apply the tattoos stickers on a flat area of ​​the body and with little or no hair.

Here are some tips for a good application of the Tattoos Decalco:

- Choose the tattoo pattern according to the body area you go tattoo (dimensions, shapes, style ...).
- Whether a tattoo board or an individual tattoo, it is advisable to cut around the pattern with a pair of scissors (in order to avoid that there is superfluous glue).
- Remove the protective film and stick the tattoo on the skin.
- Then soak the tattoo rear by pressing firmly with a wet sponge for about 30 seconds. The entire surface of the tattoo must be impregnated with water. Lift the wet paper very delicately and check that the tattoo is well applied to the skin. If so, then you can take off the paper. You must be able to drag it effortlessly. In the opposite case, reimpose the water paper by pressing firmly with the wet sponge.
- Then take a dry towel and buffer the tattoo area to dry. Do not hesitate to rub delicately around the pattern to remove the residual glue.
- Most of the Tattoos Decalco series are very realistic, that is matte. If, however, you find that some tattoos are too shiny, you can use rice powder or cosmetic powder without hue to make them completely mats.

How to remove your temporary tattoo?

You do not want to go to work with a tattoo inspiration "Very bad trip" on the face?

Your temporary tattoo is no longer so beautiful after a few days?

You have changed lovers and do not want to get his name in Decalco ?

So it's good, you opted for a temporary tattoo and that will fade in 30 seconds chrono thanks to our "Tattoo Gone" wipe : You apply the wipe on your tattoo or what's left then you massage a few seconds and hop the turn is played! And in addition, no risk for the skin, it is hypoallergenic.