Planche de tatouages temporaires pirates old school

Old school pirates temporary tattoo board 8cm

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This sheet of 4 old school tattoos in black and white will seduce you: all the symbols are there like the sea anchor, the pin-up, the heart and the skull. But what we like is the humor that goes with it: "rum love sea" or "i love my mom"!

1 sheet of old school temporary tattoos 8 * 8 cm.

Old school temporary tattoo

Dimension of the motive: 8 x 8 cm on the skin.

The old school tattoo, or traditional, has its origin in America from 1930 to 1960. Inspired by the cultures of the American Indians, the sailors of the Navy and the bikers, they are characterized by black outlines, few nuances and rather dark and simple shades.

At the time, tattoo artists were technically limited in the choice of colors and the technological progress of the machines allowed few fantasies. More practiced to represent symbols or to evoke a lifestyle, the old school tattoos did not have then a priority aesthetic aim.

Marine tattoos

In the western civilization, the sailors' tattoos are the first to have spread all over the world. They allowed the people of the sea to remember where they came from but also to tell all the adventures they had lived.

Sheet of 4 temporary tattoos

You will find here the typically traditional old school motifs: hearts, sea anchors, pin-ups, skulls... each one having a particular symbolism. The little messages "sail and love", "Rum, love, sea" and "I love my Mom" are original little winks.

How to apply and remove your temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.