Bald american eagle temporary tattoo 9cm

Bald american eagle temporary tattoo 9cm

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The bald eagle is a raptor that lives in North America. National emblem of the United States, this eagle is the symbol of strength and prestige. It is represented here in a very natural way with its soft colors and landing.

1 tattoo decalco eagle 9 * 6,4 cm.

Meaning of the an eagle tattoo

King of the birds and king of the sky, it is, in the classical antiquity, the bird of Zeus. It is a symbol of majesty and freedom. The eagle, able to soar above the clouds and stare at the sun, is universally considered both a celestial and solar symbol.

Where to get an eagle tattoo ?

This beautiful eagle is ready to land on your shoulder. Many people get a large eagle tattoo that covers their entire back as well.

Vintage eagle tattoo

9 cm x 6.4 cm.

This bird is great. Moreover, it is a very important symbol in the USA and there are many North Americans who choose to get this animal tattoo. It is a central element of the North American culture and for this reason, the first meaning that comes to our mind is its relation with patriotism or military themes, for example. It's not only that, but the fact that in North American society it is considered a symbol of freedom. This is one of the reasons why people associate the eagle with all those values of greatness and power, because they are able to leave earthly values behind, follow their path and keep going.

How to apply the tattoo

Tattoo to be applied with a wet sponge on a clean and dry skin.

They are removed with body oil.