Love Birds temporary tattoo 6cm

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Couple of swallows with original warm colors. Symbol of luck and fidelity (by extension of an ancient sailors' belief...), the swallow is a very common motif in tattoos. The pattern of this tattoo is a very beautiful sign of commitment.

1 temporary tattoo swallows 6 * 6 cm.

Tips for applying your tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Temporary tattoo

Dimension of the motive: 6 x 6 cm on the skin.

We offer many models of temporary tattoos and you will find this swallow in several designs.

Swallow tattoos

Among the bird tattoos, the most common is certainly the old school tattoo design of the swallow. Swallows have been seen through the centuries on the skin of first sailors and then travelers and nature lovers. It is one of the oldest symbols of tattooing even its representation has evolved over time.

We also offer swallow tattoos that can be personalized with a first name or a small text.

Meaning of swallow tattoo

The swallow tattoo is originally a marine tattoo used for centuries. For sailors, seeing a swallow was a sign that land was near, which was a real moment of joy because it announced a return to home and family after long months at sea. Often sailors would get a tattoo of a swallow as soon as they set foot on land. The more swallows a sailor had tattooed, the more he had sailed. The swallow was therefore a positive omen, a sign of a return home. Getting a tattoo of a swallow can be perfect for people who have a traveling soul but still remain attached to their roots.