Small temporary tattoo pack old school tattooz

Small temporary tattoo pack old school tattooz

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Small pouch with 11 tattoos decals for teens : snakes, swallows, dagger and butterflies, old school vintage morifs.

Ideal tattoo size for young people and really trendy designs for a very small price!

2 boards 10 * 15 cm.

Swallows tattoos

Several swallows can be found on these tattoo boards, symbols of loyalty and faithfulness. It is the most common marine motif and evokes the approach of the land. It is a faithful bird that lives in pairs and returns to its nest every year, which is a strong symbol for sailors who wanted to return safely to port. For prisoners, the swallow represents the hope of freedom.

Vintage tattoos

The designs and colors of these boards are vintage. All the designs are in curves and all the classic tattoo symbols are present.