Pack of fake tattoos and body jewelry spider

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Pouch grouping 4 decal tattoos boards (symbols, flowers, spiders, hearts, cross ...) totaling 28 tattoos and a plank of 40 silver glossy body jewelry to associate or use separately.

1 large pocket of 5 boards.

Tattoos pouch

This pouch consists of several tattoos and body jewelry boards. She is perfectly adapted for an evening, a birthday, a kermesse or any other party! Indeed there are for all tastes, all the cuts, sizes and motifs.

The tattoos of this pouch are rather gothic with black, blue and red colors.

Flowers, knots and phrases are tangled and intertwined to form outstanding tattoos.

You will also find a spider, tribal and celtic cross, a rose and a key.

A vintage and esoteric spirit for these tattoos.

Natural tattoos

Ingredients approved by the FD & C

Decalcomania tattoos apply on clean and non-oily skin using a wet sponge that is pressed on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

To remove it easily and without rubbing, use our Tattoo Gone wipe.

Made in the United States.

Small diamonds for the body

A plate of small silver diamonds accompany this pouch. You can paste them anywhere on your skin, make patterns with or integrate them with temporary tattoos.

They shine under the spotlight and the sun. Small jewels for a festive spirit.