Indian elephant glitter temporary tattoo 9cm

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Even if this tattoo of the deity Ganesh comes from a thousand-year-old tradition, the design is very modern and its bright colors are very current. The golden reflections make it even more mystical. In the East the elephant is associated with memory, longevity, wisdom and benevolence.

1 temporary tattoo prismfoil elephant 9 * 6.4 cm.

Temporary tattoo elephant

The tattoo is a distinction that is earned and each tattoo is unique, telling the life of the wearer.

In the Hindu religion, Ganesh is an elephant-headed god, the god of wisdom, intelligence, education and prudence and is also the patron saint of schools. The decorated elephants bless the faithful with their trunks during the ceremonies in the temples. He is probably the most venerated god in India.

The little story of Ganesh, the sacred elephant

The stories that explain how Ganesh gets his head are numerous and diverse. They tell that Shiva, returning from a long period of meditation in the Himalayas, found a young man barring the door of his house to prevent him from entering while Pârvatî (his wife) was taking her bath. This boy was the son that the goddess had conceived on her own to keep her company during her solitude. Furious at being forbidden to enter his house, Shiva took out his sword and cut off the head of his "son" who rolled away and could not be found.

Noticing this, Pârvatî told him the whole story and, inconsolable, demanded that he give life back to his son on the spot. Shiva promised to replace the head with the head of the first creature that came along, or more precisely with the head of the first "child" out of sight of his mother. The first being he met that matched this description was a baby elephant whose mother was sleeping with her back to him... By this act, and although Ganesh was conceived without him, Shiva assumed his paternity. According to some, this episode has a very precise symbolism: the fact that it is necessary to "cut off the head" in order to access the "shakti", i.e. that the intellect must "withdraw" in order to make room for the divine energy. This myth is also very significant on the notion of motherhood.

How to apply and remove the ephemeral tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

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Dimension of the motive: 9 * 6,4 cm.