Temporary Tattoo Golden Spider Tattoo 5 cm

Temporary Tattoo Golden Spider Tattoo 5 cm

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Golden tattoo spider: a refined pattern that you can wear in the lower back, ankle, on your arm or shoulder. That's the reason you need for a chic and glamorous tattoo at the Halloween period!

A beautiful tattoo to wear like a jewel 5 * 5 cm


Lay one's temporary tattoo

Tattoo to apply with a little water and remove with baby oil. Tattoos hold a minimum of 24 hours on the skin without deterioration. They can hold much longer if the pH of the skin is rather neutral. Ingredients approved by the FD & C.

5 * 5 cm.

Spider tattoo

Although it is a being that the majority of people redoubt, some use it as a pattern of tattoo to represent the remarkable characteristics of this creature.

There is a general meaning attributed to spider tattoos: the fight. The spider is associated with the ability to fight and combat that we can demonstrate in the face of certain situations of life and our ability to get out of it.

Here it is an almost stylized spider with its perfect symmetry and its white cross in the center. It is not real at all, nor really afraid of elsewhere.

Gilded tattoo

This tattoo is part of the series of metal tattoos we offer: silver, gold, color ...

Golden tattoos are beautiful on the skin and shine in the sun or during your evenings. Come and discover all our models: feathers, flowers, butterflies ... and even full boards for gold addict!

Gold, I love!