Large colorful flowers temporary tattoo 17cm

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This magnificent tattoo of intertwined colorful flowers can be worn on the arm or calf. Its large size and sustained colors make it a must of the current tattoos. At the same time old school and resolutely modern, it is very easy to wear and does not go unnoticed.

1 Tattoo 17 * 10 cm.

Floral temporary tattoo

The flowers remain one of the most present symbols on tattoos and both men and women appreciate this pattern (and children also !).

We find most often roses or hibiscus flowers and this tattoo comes out from the ordinary with this entanglement of colorful flowers.

The flower tattoo is soft, elegant and discreet. Japanese people see the language of flowers as an art.

Large temporary tattoo

Choose from all our Sleeve or Full ARM tattoos : we offer many patterns and designs, colored or monochrome, vintage or modern. You will find skulls, funny patterns like hipster girafe or lion or religious or tribal symbols.

Temporary Tattoo 10 cm x 17 cm.

Tattoo Full ARM

The big tattoos that cover all or part of your arm are very popular because they look very realistic. This pattern will cover all the top of your arm or calf ; It's easy to wear because the drawing is simple and soft with gay colors. You can also place it on your shoulder with a tshirt without sleeves.

Old School Tattoo

The Old School style is characterized by thick contours, simple patterns and the use of primary bright colors. Here we find the style even if the sailors preferred roses to other flowers.