Very big colored wings temporary tattoo 23cm

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A huge and beautiful tattoo to wear on the back like real angel wings. The details are neat and the effect is more real than life. You will feel invincible or particularly miserable when you wear them!

2 large wings to put on the back.

23 * 21 cm.

Wings tattoo

In popular culture, angel tattoos symbolize the desire to represent the guardian role in someone's life. But one can also wear it to express one's close and deep relationship with God. Angels are sent by God to watch over the earth and guide human beings to a better physical and spiritual development.

Wings are used to fly and therefore express a desire for freedom.

In ancient Egypt, wings were a symbol of power and glory.

We offer many models of wings: small, large and colored or black and white. In any case they will take you to heaven.

Apply a temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe quickly and without rubbing.

Dimension of the board 23*21 cm.

Tattoo angel

The angel symbolizes divine beauty and innocence.

You can wear these wings as a talisman, an almost divine protection but above all the pattern is colorful, beautiful and the effect is spectacular in the back. You will love it!

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