Blue and silver feather temporary tattoo 9cm

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Shiny silver temporary tattoo to wear for Christmas and New Year's Eve. 1 blue and silver feather tattoo board that will sparkle with 1000 lights on your skin. Generally speaking, a feather tattoo symbolizes freedom and air. It is most often a connection between the spirit and the divine. Among the tribes of the American Indians, feathers were considered as gifts falling from the sky.

For small and large!

Tattoo decalco of 9 * 6,4 cm.

Apply your temporary tattoo

Tattoos to be cut out and applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge. Remove the plastic wrap, place the design against your skin and generously moisten the back of the paper. When the paper starts to slide, the tattoo will appear.

Remove your decalco tattoo

The decalco tattoo is temporary and can be removed with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe in seconds without rubbing.

Tattoo for Christmas and holidays

Dimension: 9 * 6.4 cm.

Exclusive tattoo.

The metallic tattoos have a great success at the time of the festivals of end of the year or in the evenings because they shine and are festive. We offer you gold, silver and colored metallic tattoos. Prismfoil tattoos are multicolored and shiny.

These ephemeral tattoos that shine under the lights are beautiful during the summer when the sun shines and this feather can be put anywhere on your body: the ankle, the lower back, the neck ...

Temporary tattoos children

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