Doré Floral Tattoo Tattoo 8 cm

Doré Floral Tattoo Tattoo 8 cm

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Golden tattoo with chic and refined floral pattern: a pattern that you can wear in the lower back, ankle, on your arm or shoulder. This floral arabesque will seduce you for the purity of its curves and the refinement of its color.

A magnificent tattoo to wear like a jewel.


Gilded tattoo

We offer many grounds of golden tattoos: animals, flowers of course and many butterflies. You can wear them in bracelet, ring or necklace or Lower Back in the lower back or very sexy way under the chest.

These are tattoos that easily wear the effect and shine in the sun or during your crazy evenings during which they will not go unnoticed.

If you like the metallic appearance, we also suggest prismfoil that is to say brilliant tattoos but with different colors.

We even have in rays of golden freckles!

Floral tattoo

The patterns of flowers are everywhere in the world of tattoo:

large roses that we wear along the leg or arm

flowers surrounding a death head

Colorful floral or monochrome patterns

They bring refinement and femininity even to the most "masculine" motives.

The pattern on this tattoo is quite curved and in voluptuousness and no doubt that it will seduce you. The butterfly that arises brings the small blue flower note! It's an easy drawing to wear anywhere on the body.

Size of the board: 8 * 8 cm.

Natural tattoo

Tattoos based on vegetable and non-toxic inks.

Easy to install and remove, hypoallergenic.

Rest and remove your tattoo

Affix on the skin with a little water for 30 seconds by pressing firmly and remove with baby oil or Gone tattoo wipe.