Tatouage underboob indien

Mantra sternum underboob temporary tattoo 13cm

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Here is a very big ephemeral tattoo to put under the chest and between the breasts for a very sexy effect! The underboob tattoos are coming to France and are worn like skin jewels. It's up to you to choose the style of your decal among our models!

Underboob tattoos

Temporary underboob tattoos are also called sternum tattoos and are worn just under the breast for women. They follow the curves of your body for an elegant and sexy effect. All this without pain and with the possibility to change!

The tattoos last a minimum of 24 hours on the skin without deterioration. They can last much longer if the PH of the skin is rather neutral. They are realistic and matte. The inks used are produced from vegetable components.

FD&C approved ingredients.

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Dimension of the motif: 13 x 11 cm on the skin.