Tattoo Pin Up of the 50s Tattoo 8 cm

Tattoo Pin Up of the 50s Tattoo 8 cm

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This pin up of the 50s is made to be tattooed on the front arm or in the lower back. She reminds us of the after war years and she is clearly sexy with her swimsuit!

In the purest vintage style, this tattoo is carried out in both men and women. Associate it with our other tattoos oLD School!


Temporary tattoo

Size of the board: 8 * 8 cm.

The ephemeral tattoos are perfect the time of an evening, to perfect an outfit or for a few days. They also allow to test a pattern, a location ...

Natural tattoos

Tattoos based on vegetable and non-toxic inks; Suitable for all.

How to apply his Decalco?

Affix on the skin with a little water for 30 seconds by pressing firmly and remove with baby oil or Gone tattoo wipe.

Tattoos Pin Up

Tattoo Sticker offers many tattoos of pin up: with a rose, in marine outfit, in swimsuit, in a glass of martini ... Choose the one that suits you!

Associate this tattoo with the board of Tattoos kisses red lips.

Many Pin up were celebrity photographs that were considered sex symbols. Betty glad was one of the most popular girls. Its poster was ubiquitous in IM lockers during the Second World War. Other pin-ups were works of art, often representing idealized versions of what some people thought that a particularly beautiful or attractive woman should look like.

Pin up are vintage certainly but have not disappeared from traffic.Modern pin-up is also popular and demanded only in the 40s and 50s.The pin-ups so left the walls where they were pinned to invade the tattoo shows. And pin-up tattoos are no longer reserved for IMs.

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