Golden roses ephemeral tattoos 9cm

Golden roses ephemeral tattoos 9cm

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Tattoo board with 3 golden tattoos : varied roses with refined patterns that you can wear in the lower back, ankle, on your arm or shoulder.

Beautiful tattoos to wear like jewelry.

Board of 3 Temporary Tattoos

Size of the board: 9 * 9 cm.

An ideal board to share between girlfriends or to put in several places on your COIRP or along all holidays.

You will find an ideal pattern to wear on the shoulder, a Lower Back to wear down the back or between the shoulder blades or in the neckline and a smaller pattern to make a reminder of the wrist or ankle for example.

Natural tattoos

Tattoos based on vegan and non-toxic inks.

Apply on the skin with a little water for 30 seconds by pressing firmly and remove with baby oil or a tattoo wipe Gone !

Roses tattoo

It is one of the most used motives because it symbolizes love and beauty. The rose is the equivalent of the lotus flower in the East, it evokes pure love, passion and femininity. His sensuality made one of the most popular tattoos and solicited by both women and men. Where women will often prefer a delicate pink with the wrist's hollow, on the shoulder or Lower Back, men will choose a rose with apparent thorns, with a pierced heart, skulls around... but do not deceive yourself, women like that kind of patterns!

Golden tattoos

These are skin jewelry! Women love to wear gold for nocturnal outings but also summer on tanned skin. It still adds delicacy and finesse to the chosen pattern.