Planche de 12 tatouages dorés

Large board of 12 golden tattoos 15cm

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15 * 15 cm tattoo board with 12 golden temporary tattoos : floral patterns or flowers and foliage mingle with grace and elegance with arabesques.

Beautiful tattoos to wear like jewelry.

Board of tattoos

Size of the board: 15 * 15 cm.

This board contains 12 tattoos. You can choose to share or wear them all holiday.

Temporary tattoos

Very good outfit. You will keep these decals between 3 and 8 days without deterioration. Beautiful motifs on your skin without risk.

Golden tattoos

Natural tattoos and non-toxic inks.

We offer many golden tattoos such as feathers, roses or other refined patterns. Gold tattoos are particularly suitable for women and they shine on the skin.

Whether it's Lower Back Or small patterns to wear in the wrist, you will find your happiness.

To wear in the evening or in summer for optimal effect.