Tatouages temporaires dorés plumes

2 golden feathers ephemeral tattoos 12cm

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Here is a board of 2 great golden tattoos representing feathers. Refined patterns gently placed on your shoulder, your ankle or your belly.

Beautiful tattoos to wear like jewelry.

1 board 12 * 8 cm.

Temporary tattoos board

Size of the board: 12 * 8 cm.

Very good outfit.

2 feathers to share or wear all holidays. A beautiful pattern evoking refinement and femininity.

100% natural tattoos

Tattoos based on vegan and non-toxic inks.

Apply on the skin with a little water for 30 seconds by pressing firmly and remove with baby oil or a tattoo gone wipe for optimal efficiency without rubbing.

Feather tattoos

The story of the feather goes back long. Historically, in several cultures, the feather was the symbol of a connection between the human being and a god, a spirit or the universe itself. In the Celts and the Egyptians, the pen embodied the link with nature and the gods. The warriors of some tribes carried the pen to display the number of wins earned. The examples mentioned so far demonstrate that the feather tattoo was responsible for a substantially spiritual or statutory symbolic. In some tribes, the feather was the symbol of audacity and courage. Values ​​such as loyalty and strength met with the number of feathers awarded.

Feather tattoo is often associated with Amerindian tribes. In the majority of tribes, the feather symbolized the strength and wisdom of the birds. Native American peoples used feathers in their ritual ceremonies because the feather represented the spirit of the bird. The latter was considered capable of purifying the Spirit, raising the soul and clean the energy environment. We find them in the dreamcatcher.

Golden tattoos

Crack for our gold or silver patterns or even glittering colorful or Prsimfoil to shine 1000 lights during your evenings or during the holidays on a tanned skin.