Octopuss Tattoo Mania big temporary tattoo pack

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The Tattoo Mania pouches have the advantage of offering a wide variety of tattoo designs and colors and different sizes. It is the perfect pouch for an event, a party, a birthday...

1 big pouch Tattoo Mania Octopus with 25 temporary tattoos.

Savvi temporary tattoos

Savvi tattoos are made in the United States. The range is very wide and suits everyone: children and parents but also fans of motorcycles, unicorns! All the themes are proposed to you.

Tattoo pouch

In this Tattoo Mania pouch with the effigy of an octopus, you will find 25 tattoos very varied:

sea animals like the octopus and the shark of course, but also a lion, a spider, a snake and even an adorable colorful rabbit.

adorable fantasy creatures and other aliens

skulls, roses, dragons... and many more.

Applying and removing a temporary tattoo

It is very simple:

you cut out the chosen motif

you remove the plastic film

you put the design against your skin

you moisten the paper generously for 30 seconds

you slide the paper... and the pattern appears!

To remove it, you can wait for it to go away by itself or use a Tattoo Gone wipe or body oil.