Tatouage temporaire dauphin

Playful dolfin temporary tattoo 5cm

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Dolphin decal tattoo. She'll be a sensation on the beach this summer or at the pool!

A beautiful design that evokes the sea, the sun and warm countries. The dolphin is the favorite marine mammal of young and old, and you'll love wearing it.

1 dolphin temporary tattoo 5 * 5 cm.

Temporary tattoo

Tattoo size: 5 cm * 5 cm

A pretty, colorful design of a happy dolphin in the sea.

The tones are cheerful and your child will enjoy wearing his favorite animal as a totem.

Let him proudly display his convictions and show his attachment to this endangered animal.

Dolphin tattoo meaning

A tattoo is a distinction that has to be earned, and every tattoo is unique, telling the story of the wearer's life.

The dolphin is a highly intelligent animal with, in some cases, two brains. This unique intelligence enables it to record gestures and use objects as tools. Another demonstrated faculty is its ability to recognize itself in a mirror. Very friendly, the dolphin has no fear of man, which has sometimes led to its demise when it gets too close to fishing boats. Considered by many civilizations to be the god of fish, tattooing this animal on the skin can have many meanings.

With its playful, friendly temperament, the dolphin can express play, water and love. In this sense, getting this mammal tattooed on your skin is a way of expressing your love for him.