Chinese dragon big temporary tattoo 21cm

Chinese dragon big temporary tattoo 21cm

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Very big tribal dragon tattoo.

Back temporary tattoo.

15 * 21 cm.

Dragon tattoo

Dragons are one of the most legendary creatures in the history of mythology and folklore. Dragons are a part of the historic culture of China, Japan, Vietnam, and many other countries. According to most Eastern civilizations, dragons were noble creatures with distinct honors and powers, while in the mythologies of European civilizations, they were usually considered evil and dark.

Asia warrior

Samurais not only occupy a key position in Japanese culture, but also are revered in the form of Japanese Samurai tattoo art, with special designs featuring the honor and bravery of the Samurais.

Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos originate from ancient times and had deepmeaning. Nowadays they combine the style of origin tribes and modern features.