Tatouage temporaire krishna et sa vache sacrée

Krishna child and the sacred cow temporary tattoo 8cm

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Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Vishnu. He is the Hindu God of devotion and as often, he is represented here under the features of a child with blue skin, playing the flute and accompanied by his sacred cow.

1 religious tattoo of baby krishna 8*8 cm.

Krishna tattoo

Wearing this Buddha can be only an aesthetic wish or it can have a real symbolic meaning for those who admire this religion of peace and tolerance and its capacity of self-control.

The lotus flower that surrounds it is a symbol of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, resistance, effort and struggle. It also evokes the ability to be reborn as it grows even in adverse conditions.

Size of the motif: 8 x 8 cm

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Who was Krishna?

Because he is threatened by an evil uncle, the baby Krishna is exchanged with a little girl and he will be raised by a couple of farmers, mother Yashoda and father Nanda. He is a god, but nobody knows it, especially not his parents. And the prodigies begin almost immediately.

Numerous exploits of Krishna are told

- His mother wants to look at a baby tooth that is about to fall out and asks him to open his mouth wide and what does she see? The stars, the planets, the whole universe... She screams, terrified. Krishna closes his mouth, gives her his milk tooth and his smile makes Yashoda forget everything.

- swallowed by a great heron, Krishna burns him so hard that the heron spits him out, then the child opens his beak and tears him in two.

- he plays tricks on the god Brahma the creator...

Apply and remove your temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Symbolic significance of the Indian tattoo

In Hinduism, there is a kind of trilogy: Brahma, the conciliating god; Shiva, the god who wakes up the world, who upsets it, gives it chaos, gives it life by dancing, but also by destroying it; and Vichnu, the conservative, who spends his life sleeping on a lotus, but has avatars who come to the Earth to control not only men but also demons. And among the most famous avatars of Vichnu are Rama and Krishna.