Snake very big temporary tattoo 22cm

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Very large tattoo representing a very long snake. The snake, symbol of temptation, wraps itself around the cross. A scary and very realistic tattoo. This snake makes infinity loops with its soft body. The colors are realistic and it will please everyone.

1 large snake tattoo 22 * 16 cm.

Exclusive temporary tattoo

Size of the tattoo: 22 cm x 16 cm.

Tattoo to be applied with a wet sponge on a clean and dry skin.

They are removed with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a good alternative for those who want to wear a tattoo periodically or change their design and colors regularly. It can also be used to "test" the idea of getting a tattoo and allows to try different designs (especially with custom tattoos) and different places (ankle, shoulder ...).

Finally the decalco tattoo is a way to have fun: children love it, theme parties are brightened up and they personalize personal and professional events.

For a big tattoo like this one the ephemeral is a necessity unless you are very sure of your choice!

Snake Tattoo

The snake is one of the oldest symbols in existence, which appeared long before any form of written language. The snake can be a symbol of life and at the same time a symbol of death. It is a friend and foe.

The concept of the snake as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge goes way back. According to the legends of older civilizations, the planet was created by the sacred snake.

In the modern world, the snake tattoo is a symbol of natural and supernatural power, of rebirth.

Infinite tattoo

Infinite comes from the Latin word "Infinitus" which means limitless, lasting forever, reflecting the belief that the universe is endless.

The infinity sign is represented as a recumbent 8, it has a very particular meaning in each culture and religion:

- In India, it refers to the god Shiva

- In China, the infinity symbol represents the 8 petals of the Lotus.

- In Africa, the 8 is the symbol of creativity.

- For us Westerners, the infinity sign represents the symbol of love, lovers, friendship ... The beautiful promise of forever, to infinity.