Black maori tribal gecko temporary tattoo 9cm

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This tattoo representing a salamander is simple and aesthetic. On one shoulder or ankle, it will make feeling both in girls and boys!

A magnificent motive that goes back to the ancient Polynesian traditions.The salamander also called Gecko is the one that connects the mortals to the sacred world ...

1 Temporary tattoo tribal salamander 9 * 6 cm.


Meaning tattoo salamander

The salamander or gecko has always been a great classic tattoo. EThe "mana": the protective breath, coming from the gods ... This symbol also represents the ascent to light and self-development.

The salamander is a symbol of wisdom and adaptation, in particular by its ability to self regenerate. Wear it as a rebirth desire.

La Salamander in Polynesian and European cultures

We find the salamander in many cultures: tribals of course with Maori but let's not forget that it is also the symbol of François 1st in the 16th century ...

Temporary tattoo Salamander

Salahrome salamander decal tattoo.

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Tattoo size: 6 cm x 9 cm.

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Lay one's temporary tattoo

Decalcomania tattoos apply on clean and non-oily skin using a wet sponge that is pressed on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

They withdraw after 48 hours maximum to avoid the risk of allergy using a body oil.

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