Yellow eyes black cat temporary tattoo 6cm

Yellow eyes black cat temporary tattoo 6cm

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This cat is dignified and enigmatic. It evokes the whole legend of black cats: animals feared for their supposed links with the devil and witches but also respected and venerated as lucky animals. We find this ambiguity in this cat tattoo, which is both a bit scary and rather debonair.

Applying and removing your tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe without rubbing.

Ephemeral tattoo cat

Dimension of the motive: 6 x 5 cm on the skin.

Exclusive Tattoo

Tattoo motif cat

The cat is a great source of inspiration for tattoos sitting, standing, angry, peaceful ... especially because it is the favorite pet of the French.

As for the cat tattoo, the possibilities are endless. You can very well opt for a small discrete drawing on the nape of the neck or cover your entire back. One of the most fashionable and popular tattoo designs is the cat paw tattoo which can be tattooed on almost any part of the skin. Another very trendy design is the one made with fine lines that draws only the silhouette of the cat without going into details.

Cat tattoo meaning

It has long symbolized protection, strength and agility.

In ancient Egypt, the cat was sacred and venerated and cat mummies have been discovered and testify to the adoration that the Egyptian people felt for these felines. They can be seen in the Louvre Museum in Paris, the British Museum in London or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

On the other hand, in Christian Europe, throughout the Middle Ages, it reflects the flames of hell. It is associated with deviousness, femininity and even the devil and witchcraft (powers are attributed to him as that of having 9 lives). Moreover, in France, the black cat is synonymous with bad luck while in England it brings good luck! In Asia also the cat is a lucky charm (with its raised paw).

In short, you will have understood, the cat does not leave indifferent and conveys many sybmbols, to you to find yours.