Grand tatouage lapin en costume

Hipster rabbit temporary tattoo 21cm

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This large tattoo will not go unnoticed! A rabbit in a suit, tie and top hat is watching you with his monocle! The colors are bright and the character seems to be integrated in a frame.

1 large temporary tattoo 21 * 15 cm.

Hipster animal tattoo

The hipster shows his style and skillfully mixes the bourgeois and the bohemian in a worked vintage style.

We also propose you the giraffe smoking a pipe, the llama with his sunglasses, the hippie lion and his fringed hat, the goat with the big hat, the puffin, the cowboy lizard, the chic dog, the raccoon like a Parisian titi and the aviator finch.

Applying and removing your tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. To withdraw with body oil or a wipe tattoo gone in some seconds and without rubbing.

Dimension: 21 x 15 cm.

Rabbit tattoo

This chic rabbit makes us immediately think of the rabbit of Alice in Wonderland! The costume, the monocle and the serious air!

The white rabbit is a character that represents responsibility and the rational side that always appears. It is a rabbit conditioned by time, always late and hurried. It reminds us that time passes and that it is important, but also that we must enjoy every moment, not worry about responsibilities.

But it remains a funny and playful character and on this tattoo the bright colors and the size of the pattern make it a festive and fun tattoo.