Small temporary tattoo pack animal tattooz

Small temporary tattoo pack animal tattooz

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Small pouch with 6 tattoos decals for teens: dragon, tiger, shark ...

Ideal tattoo size for young people and really trendy designs for a very small price!

2 boards 10 * 15 cm.

Tattoos tribal symbols

All the designs on these boards are very dynamic, as if in motion, thanks to the tribal symbols that surround them and seem to make them move.

The shark comes out of the water, the tiger tears with its paw, the dragon is on fire, the flowers and the winged heart are on fire.

Animal tattoos

This cover has the advantage of offering several animals which avoids having to choose. We often wear the tattoo of an animal that impresses us, or even scares us a little, as if to protect ourselves, to carry a totem.