Big bag of temporary tattoos tiger mask

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This large pouch contains 2 sheets of 6 temporary tattoos each for a very realistic and easy to apply tiger disguise! You will be able to disguise 2 small tigers !

1 large savvi pouch with 12 tattoos.

Tattoo disguise

Your child dreams of a tiger makeup for Halloween, school party, birthday ...? You are afraid to miss it?

We have the solution with these very simple tattoos. Precise and realistic patterns, shimmering colors and instructions on where and how to put it on the face!

Once applied, the tattoo won't bother your child, won't prevent him from drinking, eating or having fun. No more runny makeup!

To remove it, you can use our Tattoo Gone wipe without rubbing or baby oil.

Tiger tattoos

If you are a tiger fan, we have many models in stock: roaring tigers, peaceful tigers, golden tigers... in individual or in a pouch!